Legislators pause on proposal to restrict communities from taking action on plastic waste

Legislation stalls in the Senate after Floridians speak up against single-use plastic.

Brian Yurasits | Unsplash.com

Cautiously optimistic. 

That is how we are taking the recent decision to temporarily postpone legislation designed to take away the freedom of local governments to limit single-use plastic on public property. SB 1126 “Regulation of auxiliary containers” was set to be heard in its second Senate committee on Tuesday. But the bill sponsor postponed the legislation, for now. Environment Florida members, along with supporters from many other concerned stakeholders reached out to legislators last week asking them to oppose the bill. In the House, the bill doesn’t appear to be moving either. It’s been sent to the State Affairs Committee, but didn’t appear on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting. 

“Floridians stepped up in a big way this past week to protect their local parks, beaches, springs and overall environment. We hope the legislature will act to reduce plastic pollution, not increase it. ” says Environment Florida advocate Mia McCormick.

In a recent Department of Environmental Protection survey, 93% of Florida residents responded that they believe regulations on single-use plastic are necessary. In 2024, we are making it clearer than ever that the supposed convenience of single-use plastic is not worth the mountains of toxic waste it leads to.


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