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Every year, enough sunlight shines on our country to provide 100 times more power than we need. But only a fraction of it is being captured and stored. We’re calling for solutions to help more Americans go solar.

Environment California State Director Laura Deehan speaks at solar rally standing in front of other organizers holding up signs
Samantha May Photography | Used by permission

By 2019, our country had enough solar energy capacity installed to power the equivalent of more than 14.5 million homes. That’s impressive — but it’s nowhere close to solar’s potential. 

Harnessing more energy from the sun would mean cleaner air and a more stable climate, less strain on natural resources, and an energy source we can depend on to be virtually pollution-free for as long as we can imagine. So what can we do to help America get there?

We’re challenging cities, states, corporations and more to think bigger, act smarter, and tap into the sun for more power. We’re calling for stronger pro-solar policies, and to reject attempts to make it harder for Americans to go solar. And we’re calling for ambitious energy storage targets to drive the growth we need.

What You Can Do

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Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Environment America

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