New legislation calls for a 100% clean and renewable energy future for Georgia

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Environment Georgia

Atlanta, GA- A new piece of legislation (HR 70) by Rep. Kim Schofield (Atlanta) and co-sponsored by 29 House members, could set Georgia on a path to an economy powered by 100% clean and renewable energy by mid-century. 

“I’m proud to bring this critical clean energy vision to the Georgia General Assembly” said Rep. Schofield. “Georgia does not have time to waste, we need to reduce our climate footprint, clean up our communities and put our people to work with good green jobs today. A equitable clean energy transition gives our kids and communities a chance at the future. We must commit to 100% clean energy. ”

”To date Atlanta, Athens-Clarke County, Savannah, Clarkston and Augusta have made 100% clean and renewable energy commitments. HR 70 is the first call for statewide action on a 100% clean energy future. The 2050 date is in line with the deadline the world’s top climate scientists have given in order to keep global warming below 1.5 Celsius and avert the worst impacts of climate change.

“From increased flooding to record high temperatures and more intense storms, Georgians across the political spectrum are already experiencing the terrifying impacts of global warming,” said Jennette Gayer, Director of Environment Georgia. “We applaud Rep. Schofield for setting for this visionary resolution in motion and starting a statewide push for 100% clean and renewable energy.” 

The Resolution highlighted the high energy bills and heavy energy burdens that many Georgians face and the economic opportunities that could come with expanded clean energy and energy efficiency.

“COVID-19 has hit Georgians, especially Black people and people of color, tremendously hard,” said Chandra Farley, Just Energy Director with Partnership for Southern Equity. “A commitment to a just transition to 100% clean and renewable energy could be an economic and environmental boon for suffering communities all over the state.”