GA-7th Voters’ Support for the American Jobs Plan

Environment Georgia Findings Memo

After hearing about the American Jobs Plan (AJP), nearly two in three (64%) GA-07 voters say they want Congresswoman Bourdeaux to vote in favor of its passage. District voters strongly favor the overall plan as well as each of its core components.
Indeed, GA-07 voters support the plan’s multipronged focus on addressing climate change by reducing carbon pollution and supporting energy efficiency, as well as providing targeted assistance to disadvantaged communities that are most harmed by pollution. They also strongly favor the plan’s investments in clean energy, with seven in 10 saying this makes them more likely to favor the plan, as well as transitioning to 100% clean sources by 2035.
Furthermore, these voters favor the proposed funding mechanisms for the AJP, including partially rolling back tax cuts on corporations and eliminating taxpayer-funded subsidies for oil and gas corporations.

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