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Whole Foods and Red Lobster have sustainability plans. Can their plans help save the Right whale?

We are asking major grocers and restaurants to buy whale-safe lobster.

Fewer than 340 North Atlantic Right whales remain. Fishing gear entanglements are the leading cause of death and serious injury. These whales and others encounter vertical fishing lines (used for crab and lobster pots) as they feed and migrate along the U.S. and Canadian coasts. 

As significant seafood purchasers with existing commitments to sustainability, Red Lobster and Whole Foods can be the heroes and help transition the lobster industry to whale-safe gear, i.e. gear that does not use vertical ropes. These companies need to expand their sustainability plans to include a commitment to purchase lobster from whale-safe gear.  

Check out our video above to learn more.

Virginia Carter

Former Save America's Wildlife Campaign, Associate, Environment America

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