Congress moves to approve Keystone XL pipeline, accelerate global warming

Environment America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate and House leaders are pressing forward with legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, with a vote out of a key committee scheduled this morning in the Senate and a vote in the full House expected tomorrow. The White House said Tuesday President Obama would veto the measure. According to the State Department, building Keystone XL would add 26 million metric tons of carbon pollution to our atmosphere each year, the equivalent of putting another 5.7 million cars on the road. Environment America’s Anna Aurilio issued the following statement: 

“We owe it to the next generation to put the brakes on global warming, but Keystone XL would hit the accelerator. By pushing forward this dangerous pipeline, congressional leaders are listening to the project’s oil industry backers, not the scientists who say there’s a limit to how much carbon we can dump into the air before climate change spirals out of control. 

“We’re delighted that President Obama has pledged to veto this pro-Keystone XL, pro-polluter, pro-global warming bill. The President is continuing to lead on climate, and now we need enough congressional members to follow him to reject this dirty pipeline legislation.”

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