DOD’s Energy Plan: National Security through Clean Energy

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Environment America

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Defense released its first energy plan, “Energy for the Warfighter: Operational Energy Strategy,” which aims to ensure that the armed forces have the energy sources they need to compete in the 21st Century while reducing dependence on foreign oil and improving military resilience. The plan highlights three strategies that theDOD will useto obtainits goals: reduced energy demand, diversified energy sources, and incorporation of energy into strategic planning.

Environment America Clean Energy Advocate, Sean Garren, issued this statement in response:  

“This commitment by the Department of Defense signals a monumental first step towards achieving national security through environmental sustainability.  Moving to cleaner and renewable sources of energy in the military will save Americans money and prevent environmental degradation.  Additionally, the reduced dependence on petroleum will protect our country and save the lives of American soldiers abroad. 

“With the rising price of gasoline, instability in the Middle East, and the increasing environmental costs of oil consumption, the United States needs to get off oil.  As the largest industrial consumer of oil in the world,this fact is abundantly clear for the United States military. Among the consequences of oil dependency for our military are troop and supply vulnerability and international conflict.  In addition, our consumption of oil produces more global warming pollution than any other energy source. The impacts of unchecked global warming have been identified as a key national security threat by the Department of Defense.  

“The energy innovations that will stem from this measure will push not just the military, but all of America to be a leader in clean energy. This will, in turn, impact individuals and businesses, creating jobs, increasing operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while protecting our public health and environment.

“We applaud the Department of Defense and the United States Armed Forces for working hard today to build a stronger, safer America through clean, smart energy choices.

“Smart energy strategies focused on reducing energy use and transitioning to clean, renewable and infinite resources make sense for all aspects of our government. Recognizing this, President Obama issued an Executive Order challenging all federal agencies to create these long term plans. We are happy to see the Pentagon taking this challenge to heart, and look forward to working with the rest of the federal government to follow their lead.”