Environment America Launches Global Warming Solutions Campaign

Environment America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two weeks after Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy announced the Clean Power Plan — the first-ever federal limits on global warming pollution from power plants — Environment America launched a nationwide “Global Warming Solutions Campaign.”

Active in 24 states, the $2.4 million campaign will help Americans connect the dots between the consequences of global warming and the meaningful impact the Clean Power Plan will have on the environment we leave to future generations.

“Whether it’s record-breaking drought in the West, intense storms like Superstorm Sandy in the East, flooding in the Midwest, or rising seas along our coasts, we are already feeling the impacts of global warming across the country,” said Environment America’s executive director Margie Alt. “Our families deserve a safer and a healthier climate. We’ve launched this campaign to shine a spotlight on clean energy solutions to global warming and the urgency of implementing the strongest possible Clean Power Plan.”

Highlights of Environment America’s Global Warming Solutions Campaign plan include:

• Researching and releasing reports on the benefits of clean energy solutions, such as energy efficiency, wind and solar;
• Mobilizing advocates in state capitols to ensure that the Clean Power Plan once finalized is well implemented and to defend against polluter-driven attacks on existing clean energy programs;
• Organizing webinars and other educational efforts on the importance of the Clean Power Plan for key constituencies including health professionals, local elected officials, and clean energy business owners;
• Launching a grassroots door-to-door public education effort that will reach nearly 1 million households, making the connection between local climate impacts and the solutions proposed by the Clean Power Plan; and
• Assembling a team of 30 organizers in 18 states working to generate public comments in support of the Clean Power Plan, mobilize citizens, generate media, and elevate key voices and constituencies, including health professionals, small business owners and local elected officials.

“Once implemented the Clean Power Plan will be the biggest step the U.S. has ever taken to cut global warming pollution,” said Alt. “This is a huge deal. But it’s not yet a done deal. The fossil energy lobby and other polluters are spending millions to oppose the EPA’s commonsense action. Our Global Warming Solutions campaign will ensure that Americans across the country understand the local threats posed by global warming and the tremendous opportunity the Clean Power Plan creates for a cleaner environment, healthier families and a more energy efficient economy.”

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