Environment America Statement on Government Shutdown

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Ed Johnson

Environment America

The dysfunction in Washington has reached a new low. Congress has failed to perform its core constitutional responsibility: to fund the federal government.

But fortunately, the gridlock in the Capitol doesn’t have to keep our state and local governments from protecting their people, wildlife, and natural resources. Environment America’s partnerships with states, counties and cities have led to forward-looking innovations that keep our air and water clean and living things healthy.

We’re increasing the use of solar energy by encouraging more cities to go solar, and by making sure it’s hassle-free and financially viable for homeowners and businesses to install solar panels of their own.

We’re getting the lead out of our drinking water — especially in schools, where it can cause the most damage — by urging mayors and governors to take strong action.

And we’re giving bees a chance by winning statewide bans on the bee-killing pesticides that are contributing to the decline of these vital pollinators.

Now, more than ever, with our U.S. senators and representatives unwilling to fulfill their duties, we need strong leadership from our state and local governments. While we look forward to the federal government getting back to work, until that day, we’ll build on our alliances closer to home.

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