FY18 Budget Would Allow Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Margie Alt

Environment America

Today, the House of Representatives leadership unveiled its FY’ 2018 budget which fails to protect our families health and our natural resources including language that would instruct the Natural Resources Committee to allow, for the first time ever, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and a cut of $528 Million compared to FY’17.

The following is a statement from Margie Alt, Executive Director, Environment America

“Drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would be like putting a waterslide on Old Faithful.

“The Refuge is home to numerous wildlife and the calving ground for the porcupine caribou.  In addition it is a place sacred to the Gwich’in people.

“While scientists tell us we need to keep most of our remaining fossil fuel reserves in the ground, if we are to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, Big Oil and its allies in the congress are pushing hard to get access to this special place.

If any place is too special to drill, that place is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  The Congress should reject this wrong-headed provision when it adopts a final FY’18 budget.