Jewell Announces the Country’s first Offshore Wind Auction

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Environment America

Washington, D.C. – This Tuesday the Interior Department released further details on the United States’ first offshore wind auction. The two lease areas are in federal waters facing Rhode Island and Massachusetts and will be auctioned at the same time. Environment America is the federation of 29 state-based groups including Environment Rhode Island and Environment Massachusetts. Anna Aurilio, director of the D.C. office of Environment America issued the following statement:

“The Interior Department’s announcement is great news for the offshore wind industry and renewable energy in general. Wind energy can displace pollution from gas and coal-fired power plants and save water. In 2011 alone, wind power helped avoid emissions of 68 million metric tons of global warming pollution and saved 26 billion gallons of water.

“We thank Secretary Sally Jewell for encouraging clean, renewable offshore wind. We hope Secretary Jewell will continue to push the country in the direction of clean and renewable energy so we can reduce the heat trapping gasses warming our planet and protect our natural resources.”