KXL approval is wrong direction

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Rachel Richardson

Environment America

Washington, D.C. — President Trump signed an executive order today to advance the Keystone pipeline. Environment America’s Rachel Richardson issued the following statement in response:

“Common sense tells us that if we find ourselves in a hole, we should stop digging.

Right now, we’re burning too many fossil fuels, creating too much pollution that’s changing our climate in ways that are destabilizing our world and dangerous to our children’s future. We should be doing all we can to organize a smooth transition to an economy powered by solar, wind and other forms of clean energy.

Building the Keystone XL pipeline is digging a deeper hole. By facilitating the transportation of dirty tar sands fuels, Keystone would add 27.4 million metric tons of global warming pollution to our atmosphere per year.

A clean energy future is ours if we want it. Today’s action is a step in the wrong direction.”  

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