Middlebury College announces commitment to 100% renewable energy

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Bronte Payne

Environment America

MIDDLEBURY, VT – On Tuesday, Middlebury College announced a commitment to sourcing 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2028, adding their name to the growing list of universities who are raising the bar for climate action with bold commitments to renewable energy.

As part of its “Energy2028” plan, Middlebury will transition its core Vermont campus entirely away from fossil fuels for electricity and thermal needs with Vermont-based renewable energy projects when possible. The college also plans to reduce energy consumption by 25 percent and divest its endowment from fossil fuels over the next 15 years.

Environment Montana Director and Middlebury alum, Skye Borden said the following:

“I was a part of a three-person team in 2003 that installed Middlebury’s first solar panels on campus and I am thrilled to see how far Middlebury has come since then. This commitment to 100 percent renewable energy sets a strong example for higher education, and indeed all of our nation’s communities, to follow.”

You can read more about Middlebury’s Energy2028 plan here.

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