Outpouring of support for Clean Power Plan shows polluters’ cause lonelier than ever

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today marks the end of a week that saw an outpouring of legal support for the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of the U.S. strategy to tackle climate change that is being challenged in the courts by polluters and their government allies. Major corporations like Apple, Google, and Amazon; more than 50 city and county governments; over 200 former and current members of congress; and public health, faith, and environmental organizations representing millions of Americans have now all filed “friend of the court” briefs supporting the nation’s first-ever carbon pollution limits on power plants, which will also help accelerate clean energy development.
Environment America’s Global Warming Solutions program director Anna Aurilio issued this statement:
“The polluters and deniers want to block climate progress and the transition to clean energy, but their cause is lonelier and more futile than ever. The writing is on the wall and in these court briefs: the vast majority of Americans — together with local elected leaders, citizen groups, and major businesses — all stand firmly behind bold action on climate. They know that reducing pollution and accelerating the development of wind, solar, and other forms of clean energy makes sense for our health, our economy, and our kids’ future.”

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