President Obama rejects Keystone XL, helps seal climate legacy

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Environment America

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a widely anticipated decision, today President Obama rejected the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, designed to transport tar sands from Canada across the United States. Climate activists had fought for years against the project, which State Department officials estimated would produce 26 million metric tons of carbon pollution each year – the equivalent of 5.7 million cars.

Anna Aurilio, director of Environment America’s D.C. office and the group’s Global Warming Solutions program, issued the following statement:
“The Keystone XL pipeline would slam the accelerator on global warming, so we’re thrilled that today President Obama is applying the brakes.” 
“By rejecting this dangerous pipeline once and for all, President Obama is backing up his bold vision on climate with bold action against the polluters.” 

“This announcement is great news for all the activists who’ve been fighting for years for their water, their communities and their kids’ future, and it’s a crucial step toward the 100 percent clean energy future the climate crisis demands.”