President Trump’s budget: more pollution, fewer protections for Americans

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Christy Leavitt

Environment America

President Trump’s proposed fiscal year 2019 budget dramatically cuts critical environmental and health programs. The proposed budget reduces the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 23 percent and the Department of Interior budget by 16 percent. Christy Leavitt, Environment America’s Defending Our Environment campaign director, made the following statement on the president’s FY 2019 budget proposal:

“If implemented, President Trump’s FY 2019 budget would mean more pollution and fewer environmental protections for Americans.

“Americans deserve clean air, clean water and protections for the places we love. Yet President Trump’s budget would mean more pollution in our rivers and lakes, more days when the air is unsafe to breathe and more drilling in special places. The president’s budget also would mean fewer environmental cops on the beat, less research on renewable energy and fewer protections for our public lands and coasts.

“Congress should reject this budget. Americans need a budget that matches our values of clean air, clean water and protected public lands.”