Sec. Clinton will ‘sweat the details’ for a clean environment

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Margie Alt

Tappan Parker

Boston, Mass. — Last week Secretary Hillary Clinton became the first woman to accept the presidential nomination from a major political party. Margie Alt, Environment America executive director, issued this statement:
“Last week Secretary Clinton made history by shattering the glass ceiling, and she also showed she’s poised to make history for our environment. From her commitment to safe drinking water, to her pledge to create clean energy jobs, to her determination to follow the science and build on President Obama’s climate legacy, she will ’sweat the details’ to ensure a greener, cleaner, healthier future for all of us. Her acceptance speech, the Democratic party platform and the entire Democratic convention stood in sharp contrast to that of her opponent — who denies the science of climate change and wants to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying until November 8: for the sake our planet and our families’ health, we’re with her.”


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