Senate Democrats release blueprint for clean energy future

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today nearly two dozen Senate Democrats unveiled a measure that sets ambitious goals for reducing global warming pollution, requires increased use of efficiency for utilities, and repeals tax subsidies for Big Oil while restructuring existing tax incentives for many energy sources. 

Environment America’s Anna Aurilio, Director of the Washington DC office, issued the following statement:

“We commend this proposal, which pushes us toward a clean energy future and a safer climate. The bold global warming pollution reduction goals announced today are sorely needed, especially after the record-breaking heat, drought and wildfires of this summer. The repeal of some tax subsidies for Big Oil is also a welcome contrast to the “drill and spill” bill adopted by the Senate Energy Committee in July. 

“While we’re concerned that the clean energy tax incentives include dirty energy sources like gas and nuclear power, we look forward to working with Senate clean energy champions to utlimately pass a policy that promotes clean, renewable energy and ends handouts to Big Oil once and for all.”

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