Texas native and 6x Grammy winning Artist Kacey Musgraves Lends her Voice to Promote Proposition 14 for Texas State Parks

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – Singer-songwriter and Texas native Kacey Musgraves narrates a new video released Tuesday that urges Texas voters to approve Proposition 14, which authorizes a $1 billion investment to create new state parks. The proposed constitutional amendment, on the Texas ballot this November, would make the largest investment in nature in Texas history and comes as the state celebrates the centennial of the state parks system. 

“As a proud Texan who grew up surrounded by the beauty of our state, I’m proud to support Proposition 14,” said Kacey Musgraves, six-time Grammy award-winning music artist. “It’s our chance to give back to the places that shaped us, ensuring they remain vibrant and accessible for future generations. Let’s all vote ‘Yes’ for Proposition 14 to protect and enhance our state park system.”

State parks hold a special place in the hearts of Texans. They not only offer breathtaking landscapes, but also provide us with opportunities for outdoor recreation like camping, hiking, fishing, and countless other activities. Texas state parks also protect our wildlife and some of our most important waterways. Proposition 14 seeks to ensure that we have plenty of these beloved spaces and they continue to thrive and remain accessible for generations to come.

The scenic and educational video was directed by nature documentarian Ben Masters and produced for the Texas Coalition for State Parks and Environment Texas. The Coalition is releasing the video to motivate voters to show up to the polls to support Proposition 14. Off-year elections, such as this year’s, historically tend to have low voter turnout.

“Kacey’s involvement in this campaign demonstrates how big a deal Prop 14 is – $1 billion to preserve wild places in Texas before they’re lost forever to development,” said Luke Metzger, Executive Director of Environment Texas. “Prop 14 will leave a lasting legacy of natural beauty, outdoor adventure and cherished memories for generations to come.” 

“Texans of all stripes love our state parks,” said conservative activist and Dallas businessman Doug Deason. “Prop 14 gives an opportunity for Republicans, Democrats, and independents to all come together and make a historic investment in the great outdoors, for Texans today and for Texans tomorrow.” 

For more information about Proposition 14 and the campaign to support Texas state parks, please visit http://www.GrowTexasParks.org/ 

Political ad paid for by the Texas Coalition for State Parks PAC.

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