Trump Administration’s Clean Power Plan Repeal will Deliver Dirtier Air, More Global Warming

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Environment America

Today, the Trump administration will announce its plans to repeal  the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the nation’s program to limit carbon pollution from dirty power plants. If fully implemented, the Clean Power Plan would reduce U.S. power plant emissions 32% by 2030 with huge corresponding health and environmental benefits. Anna Aurilio, Director of Environment America’s Washington DC office, released the following statement in response:

“The massive damage delivered by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the wildfires devastating western communities are a stark reminder why we need leaders who take global warming seriously. Instead President Trump is moving to dismantle the Clean Power Plan — a step that won’t bring back coal-mining jobs, but will deliver dirtier air, more global warming, and less renewable, made-in-America energy.

“Blocking the Clean Power Plan will lead  to 3,600 additional premature deaths, 90,000 more asthma attacks in children and 300,000 more missed work and school days each year by 2030. Underscoring the benefits of cutting climate-changing pollution, more than 1100 health professionals sent a letter urging the President Trump to support the Clean Power Plan, limit carbon pollution, phase out drilling and mining on public lands, increase electric vehicles and set higher fuel economy standards for cars. In addition, Americans across the country sent in more than 8 million comments asking the EPA to take strong climate action by cutting  carbon pollution from power plants.

“Ignoring air pollution won’t make our country great for kids with asthma or older Americans who struggle to breathe. Ignoring climate change won’t make American families safe from storms powered by oceans that are rising and growing warmer or wildfires fueled by hotter temperatures. When it comes to global warming, President Trump needs to accept the science, recognize the reality, and put the health and well being of Americans first.”