Ban Toxic Pesticides

Pesticides are harming ecosystems and contributing to the alarming collapse of pollinator populations around the world.

Tractor spraying pesticides on vegetable field with sprayer at spring
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The pesticides sprayed on our farms threaten the health of our ecosystems and communities.

Pesticides are making our country’s landscape toxic, with serious consequences for our natural world.

Plants, animals and especially pollinators are struggling due to our society’s indiscriminate use of pesticides — and losing our honeybees, bumblebees, monarchs and more would have a devastating ripple effect across all ecosystems. Ninety percent of flowering plants need animal pollinators. Without them, flowering plants will sharply decline, causing major disruptions to our ecosystems’ delicate balance.

Every day we don’t act is a day that more toxic pesticides are sprayed in our environment, poisoning countless animals and leaving entire ecosystems toxic.

That’s why we’re calling on decision-makers at the local, state and federal levels to ban the worst uses of the toxic pesticides that are harming our planet. 



Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign, Environment America