New data: Poll shows voters strongly back climate-related infrastructure investments

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Morgan Hayward

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America

Climate provisions draw support across party lines in 19 competitive House districts

Environment America

WASHINGTON – A new analysis from Hart Research of survey data from 19 competitive House districts across the country revealed remarkably strong support, across party lines, for President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan. Notably, the provisions that would address the climate crisis garnered even stronger support than the overall infrastructure plan did.

In total, Hart Research polled more than 5,700 voters across 19 districts. Overall, a significant majority, 59 percent to 33 percent, supported Biden’s proposal. Fifty-eight percent of the all-important Independent voters polled approved of the plan.

On multiple measures, voters in these districts – including rural, urban, and suburban communities – clearly signal that components of the American Jobs Plan that focus specifically on climate change and clean energy are significant selling points.  

When told that the plan initially proposed by the White House includes a major emphasis on investments to expand the use of clean energy, such as wind and solar power, to tackle the climate crisis and create jobs, 64 percent of the polled voters strongly agree that this approach makes them more likely to support the measure.

Among the specific provisions designed to address the climate crisis:

  • 82 percent of voters support investments to rebuild roads and bridges and modernize public transportation to ensure it is cleaner and able to serve more people.

  • 81 percent of voters support overhauling our country’s drinking water infrastructure.

  • 70 percent of voters support addressing the challenge of climate change by shifting to greater use of clean energy, reducing carbon pollution from vehicles and industry, and making homes and buildings more energy efficient.

  • 69 percent of voters support investments in clean energy such as wind and solar power by extending tax credits to spur innovation and manufacturing.

  • 61 percent of voters support investments in electric vehicles and charging stations to reduce pollution and help more Americans buy clean cars.

Of these totals, between one-third and two-thirds of Republicans favor each of the provisions above.

“The climate crisis is happening here and now, and we need the transformative investments in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan to rebuild our country in an equitable and sustainable way,” said Abigail Dillen, president of Earthjustice. “The data clearly demonstrates that voters are ready for Congress to pass meaningful infrastructure legislation that includes bold provisions to address the climate crisis and advance environmental justice.”

“Climate change is making extreme weather more frequent and severe. We’re already witnessing tropical storms devastate communities in the Southeast and scorching heatwaves causing severe droughts across the Western part of the country. Now is not the time to water down President Biden’s bold and transformational American Jobs Plan,” said Wendy Wendlandt, president of Environment America. “This infrastructure plan is our opportunity to put the U.S. on the path toward a more sustainable, healthier future – and we cannot miss it.” 

The 19 surveys were conducted between April 26 and May 16 by Hart Research Associates for Environment America and Earthjustice, in partnership with the League of Conservation Voters.  Approximately 300 live telephone interviews were conducted among registered voters in each of 19 congressional districts, for a total of 5,712 interviews.

The districts polled were:

District-specific data can be found by clicking the links above.