EV dashboard showing various driving modes
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Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are good. We can make them better.

There are many possible futures for electric vehicles - some of them better for the environment than others. Here are seven ways to make EVs even greener.


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Less driving is possible
An extended bus drives on an empty freeway near a bay on a sunny day.

Biking, walking & transit

Less driving is possible

Residents of several states and cities have driven fewer miles on average in recent years than they did two decades ago. This decline suggests that Americans’ high levels of driving are not inevitable.


Buying LED bulbs: What to look for

Energy efficiency

Buying LED bulbs: What to look for

Inefficient light bulbs – like incandescents and fluorescents – are being phased out for LEDs. To get the right LED, you’ll need to know how to pick the right brightness, color and bulb type for your home.

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