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Statement: Pennsylvania’s decision to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative big step for state on climate change

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is expected to announce a proposal tomorrow to commit the commonwealth to joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Through the governor’s administrative action, the commonwealth is poised to become a member of one of the largest and most successful programs for tackling climate pollution in the nation.

News Release | Environment America

New campaign launched on 30 campuses urges colleges and universities to shift to 100 percent clean renewable power

As national campus sustainability month kicks off, Environment America Research & Policy Center is launching 30 campaigns in 11 states, pressing colleges and universities to generate 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources. The initiative aims to get 150 schools to commit by 2021 to exclusively using renewable energy.

News Release | Environment America

Environment America sues federal government over prohibiting states from setting stronger tailpipe emission standards

Environment America, along with eight other public interest organizations, filed a lawsuit today in a Washington, D.C., federal district court opposing the Trump administration’s plan to block states from setting their own tough tailpipe emissions standards.

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STATEMENT: UN report finds that state of our ocean demands action

“Climate change is already here and our oceans are worse off because of that. We know that even small temperature variations can lead to changes in animal migration patterns, acidic water and bleached coral. We put the things we love most in our oceans at greater risk with every degree of warming. And as polar ice melts and oceans rise, our coasts may soon be underwater." 

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Statement: New report shows rapidly declining bird populations

"You only need to look up at the sky to realize that we have a big problem with our birds...[T]his study demands that we quickly focus our attention on protecting and enhancing habitat for birds and wildlife."