News Release | Environment America

Broad Range of Stakeholders Call on Governors to Improve Successful Clean Energy and Anti-Pollution Program

More than 300 organizations, businesses, and officials called on Northeast and Mid-Atlantic governors to build on progress reducing pollution and promoting clean energy by improving the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

News Release | Environment America

As State Legislators Gathered in Chicago Hear from the Oil & Gas Industry, Environment America Hails Legislators Taking Action on Fracking

As state legislators from around the country meet in Chicago today, their schedule includes a lunch sponsored by the American Natural Gas Association, with speakers expected to present an all-too rosy picture of the gas drilling boom.  Noting the absence of an opposing view on the weeklong agenda of the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)[1], Environment America cautioned legislators about the destructive impacts of high-volume hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).

News Release | Environment America

Public lands across the nation at risk of logging, road-building

Environment America released a new report last week revealing that pristine areas in public lands--from Shenandoah National Park to Glacier National Park to Mount Hood National Forest--could be at risk of logging, road-building, and other development if bills moving through the House of Representatives are signed into law.

News Release | Environment America Research and Policy Center

New Report: Extreme Downpours Up 30 Percent

Nearly one year after Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee led to record flooding that devastated communities up and down the east coast, a new Environment America Research & Policy Center report confirms that extreme rainstorms and snowstorms are happening 30 percent more frequently on average nationwide since 1948.  

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Massachusetts Legislators Pass Bill to Expand Successful Solar Energy Programs

Massachusetts legislators sent a comprehensive energy bill to the governor's desk today that will dramatically expand access to solar energy for families, businesses and local governments. The bill, An Act relative to competitively priced electricity in the Commonwealth, expands the state's most successful solar program, the net-metering program, which allows local governments, homeowners, businesses and others to sell the excess solar power they generate back to the grid, significantly offsetting the cost of installing solar. The cap on net-metering was lifted from 1% of peak load for private generation and 2% for public generation to 3% for both private and public entities. This means that a total of 6% of Massachusetts' electricity can now be net-metered.