News Release | Environment America

New Obama Administration Pollution Standards Will Save Lives

Today the Obama administration is expected to strengthen air quality standards for particulate matter or “soot” pollution. Soot pollution is the deadliest of the common air pollutants, causing thousands of premature deaths every year across the country through a variety of cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. It also contributes to haze that hangs over many of the country’s most scenic parks and wilderness areas. Sources of soot pollution include power plants and diesel trucks and buses. The strengthened standards, to be issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, better reflect the latest scientific research. The new standard will outline how much soot pollution can be in the air and still be safe to breathe.

News Release | Environment California

Capitola Bans Plastic Bags

The City Council voted unanimously tonight to bar retail stores from distributing single-use plastic bags within city limits. “This important step forward for Capitola shows once again that local communities can achieve lasting victories for ocean and environmental health,” said Nathan Weaver of Environment California.

News Release | Environment America

Northeast Governors Urged to Strengthen Cap on Global Warming Emissions from Power Plants

With state officials poised to propose major changes to the Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI); the nation’s first cap on carbon pollution from power plants, environmental organizations and clean energy advocates are calling on Governor and state officials in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to embrace a cap on power plant emissions that will reduce emissions 20% by the end of the decade.  

News Release | Environment America

Offshore Wind Within Reach for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Virginia

The Obama administration has announced competitive lease sales for wind energy development in areas off the coasts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Virginia. This is the first time that a portion of the outer continental shelf will be leased for renewable energy development.

The area proposed for leasing off of Virginia’s coast is expected to be able to support more than 2,000 megawatts of wind generation – enough electricity to power an estimated 700,000 homes. The area of mutual interest proposed for leasing off of Massachusetts and Rhode Island is expected to be able to support about an additional 2,000 megawatts of wind generation. Environment America’s Federal Clean Energy Advocate Courtney Abrams, released the following statement in response.

News Release | Environment Maine

Pipeline Application Means “Dirtiest Oil on the Planet” Is Headed to New England’s Doorstep

Canada’s mega-oil pipeline company Enbridge filed an application today to move forward on the reversal of its Line 9 pipeline, likely bringing tar sands oil eastward to Montreal.  If approved, this would open the door to bringing the corrosive tar sands through Ontario, Quebec, and New England for export.