Solving climate change will take all of us

Our "Solutions to climate change" webinar series walks through what adopting clean energy technologies-- like rooftop solar, electric cars, heat pumps and induction stoves-- looks like step by step, and what incentives are available to consumers.


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Here in Oregon we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change with more extreme weather events and heat waves, prolonged wildfire seasons, record breaking drought and coastal erosion. The past few years have been a real wake up call that each of us needs to do all that we can to reduce the pollution causing climate change.

In addition to voting for leaders who prioritize climate change and making our voices heard with elected officials, there is a lot that we can do as consumers to reduce our impact, including investing in rooftop solar, clean transportation, ditching gas and electrifying our homes. Not only do these help reduce climate pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels, it can also improve our health and safety and overall quality of life. Investing in rooftop solar, electric vehicles and home electrification can help you use less energy and have lower energy costs, get the most out of the energy you use, along with the peace of mind that your dollars are going towards solutions. 

Environment Oregon Research & Policy Center, with the support of the Energy Foundation, has put together a monthly “solutions to climate change” webinar series, where we walk through what adopting these technologies looks like step by step, and what incentives are available. But perhaps most helpfully, we have Oregonians who have recently adopted the technologies share their experience, give advice and answer questions. 

Going Solar in Oregon

To learn more about the process and incentives available for rooftop solar, and to hear from Oregonians who recently got rooftop solar, watch our webinar, “Going Solar in Oregon.”

Charging Ahead

To learn more about the process and incentives available for purchasing an electric car, and to hear from Oregonians who recently bought an electric car, watch our webinar, “Charging Ahead.”

Electrifying your home

To learn more about the benefits of electrification for cooking, home heating/cooling and water heating and some incentives available, and hear from people who have recently made these changes in their own homes, watch our webinar, “Electrifying your home.”

Here are some additional resources on home electrification:
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Electric Bicycles in Oregon

Want to learn more about e-bikes, get tips on how to find the right e-bike for you and get your questions answered by e-bike experts and riders? Watch our webinar, “Electric Bicycles in Oregon.”

Here are some additional resources on e-bikes:
Charged Up! Electric Bike Factsheet (Environment America)

Please feel free to reach out to Environment Oregon staff if you have questions about any of these clean energy technologies. Good luck!


Celeste Meiffren-Swango

State Director, Environment Oregon Research & Policy Center

As director of Environment Oregon, Celeste develops and runs campaigns to win real results for Oregon's environment. She has worked on issues ranging from preventing plastic pollution, stopping global warming, defending clean water, and protecting our beautiful places. Celeste's organizing has helped to reduce kids' exposure to lead in drinking water at childcare facilities in Oregon, encourage transportation electrification, ban single-use plastic grocery bags, defend our bedrock environmental laws and more. She is also the author of the children's book, Myrtle the Turtle, empowering kids to prevent plastic pollution. Celeste lives in Portland, Ore., with her husband and two daughters, where they frequently enjoy the bounty of Oregon's natural beauty.

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