Solar power

The future of solar energy is bright and it will help us power our lives with clean, renewable energy.

Every year, enough sunlight shines on America to provide 100 times more power than we need. We’re only capturing a tiny percentage of it, but that’s changing. More Americans are going solar every day, which is helping to bring down costs, and improve the technology. Already enough solar capacity has been installed to power the equivalent of more than 14 million homes. Together we can harness more of the sun’s energy, and have cleaner air, a more stable climate, more resilient communities and a brighter future.

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Solving climate change will take all of us

Global warming solutions

Solving climate change will take all of us

Our "Solutions to climate change" webinar series walks through what adopting clean energy technologies-- like rooftop solar, electric cars, heat pumps and induction stoves-- looks like step by step, and what incentives are available to consumers.

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The issues and initiatives Environment Oregon takes are critical, both for understanding and combating climate change, and I’m proud to be a member. Dennis Johnson, Member, Environment Oregon

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