It’s time for states to lead on clean energy

... and states are stepping up to the plate.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

With the West Virginia vs EPA Supreme Court decision and the demise of a package that includes tax credits for clean energy in Congress, state action to spur clean energy is more important than ever.

Thankfully states are stepping up to the plate. This week California Governor Newsom announced a goal of 20GW of offshore wind by 2045. Meanwhile, Massachusetts state lawmakers sent a climate bill to Governor Charlie Baker’s desk.

All across the country, driven by state goals and commitments, clean energy projects are moving forward. More than 20% of America’s electricity came from renewable sources like the sun and the wind last year and the number continues to grow.

“At a time when climate action from the nation’s capital seems out of reach, the news coming out of the states is a powerful tonic,” says Johanna Neumann, Senior Director of Environment America’s campaign for 100% renewable energy. 


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