Environment Texas Congratulates Rep. Straus

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Environment Texas

AUSTIN – Environment Texas congratulated Rep. Straus on his apparent victory in the House speaker’s race today and expressed optimism about the prospects for the environment with his new leadership.

“Rep. Straus has been a strong advocate for energy efficiency and understands the urgency of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger. “While he’s not with us on every vote, he’s demonstrated a commitment to fairness and careful consideration of the facts. I am very optimistic that environmental bills will get a fair shake under his Speakership.”

 In 2007, Rep. Straus authored HB 3693, a major bill to increase energy efficiency in the state. The bill doubled the requirement on utilities to invest in energy efficiency, created a sales tax holiday for energy efficient appliances and put new standards on state government.