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Vermont utility proposes to install battery storage in most homes

Green Mountain Power says plan to install energy storage in homes to prevent power outages cheaper than other options

Clean energy

Green Mountain Power has proposed a plan to install battery energy storage systems in most of the 270,000 homes and businesses it serves.

It’s part of the Vermont utility’s plan to ensure affordable reliable electric service moving forward. The utility says it will be cheaper than building a lot of new transmission lines and power plants, even saying it will end power outages for its customers.

Since 2015, Green Mountain’s has run a program that allows customers to integrate their existing home battery energy storage systems into the grid, as well as lease Tesla home batteries. Caps on the popular program were recently lifted.

“Battery energy storage has many benefits,” said Johanna Neumann, Senior Director of the Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy for Environment America. “More utility companies should follow Vermont’s lead and embrace 21st century clean energy solutions to our 21st century challenges.”

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