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Vice President Kamala Harris announces new energy efficiency programs

Environment Massachusetts, Environment America join Vice President Harris for Boston energy savings announcement

Reikon Design Build | Public Domain

The cleanest, cheapest energy is the energy we don’t use in the first place. But many homes waste more energy and use more fossil fuels than necessary thanks to drafty doors and windows and inefficient gas appliances. We pay the price in higher heating bills and more pollution.

As temperatures start to drop, Vice President Harris today is announcing actions to help families save energy this winter and for years to come by weatherizing their homes and installing efficient and climate-friendly appliances, including heat pumps. Environment Massachusetts State Director Ben Hellerstein and 100% Renewable Senior Campaign Director Johanna Neumann will both attend the event in Boston.

The Biden administration also announced nearly $9 billion in funding to states for home efficiency programs from the Inflation Reduction Act, which we worked to pass. 

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