Senator Durbin, Illinois

Illinois may be best known for its Chicago-based sports teams, but in the state’s capital of Springfield, Senator Dick Durbin is interested in a different kind of competition.

“Recently…my wife and I became a competitor in the electricity game. We decided to install solar panels on the roof of our home in Springfield. Thanks to these panels and net metering, our energy bill has fallen to next to zero almost overnight.”

Senator Durbin’s decision to improve his home’s energy efficiency could not have come at a better time, with record-breaking temperatures across the country rocketing Americans’ electricity bills this summer.

Soon, many more residents are expected to get their heads in the renewable energy game and reap the benefits of going solar.

“In Illinois alone, more than 300,000 residents are projected to join us in installing solar panels in the coming years. That’s a big shift in the way we power our lives.”

Watch the video below to hear more about Senator Durbin has to say about renewable energy at home, and how you can do the same.