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Our top hits from this year

Clean energy

Brynn Furey

This week, Twitter timelines and Instagram stories have been flooded with everyone’s top songs, artists and genres. That’s because Spotify just launched its 2021 Wrapped, a collection of each listener’s personalized music highlights and listening habits from the past year. At Environment America Research & Policy Center, we put together our own Wrapped playlist based on one of our top genres: clean energy. 

Our 2021 hits include Renewables on the Rise, Blocking Rooftop Solar, We Have the Power, Offshore Wind for America, and Electric Buildings.

  1. Renewables on the Rise

This report describes the dramatic growth of renewable energy technologies across America. It shows that in 2020, America generated almost four times as much renewable electricity from the sun and the wind as in 2011, with wind and solar now producing 11% of the nation’s electricity.

  1. Stand Up for Solar Report Series

We spent 2021 working on keeping rooftop solar growing. This series of reports includes Rooftop Solar at Risk, The Environmental Case for Rooftop Solar Energy, and Blocking Rooftop Solar. Rooftop Solar at Risk shows how cuts to net metering could threaten California’s clean energy progress. The Environmental Case for Rooftop Solar Energy details how rooftop solar is critical to helping California meet its climate goals. Finally, Blocking Rooftop Solar demonstrates how companies, lobbyists and front groups are undermining local clean energy action.  

  1. We Have the Power

We Have the Power outlines how the keys to a 100% renewable future are within reach. America has ample potential to move forward rapidly in four key areas essential to a renewable energy future: building out renewable energy; modernizing the grid; reducing and managing energy use; and repowering our economy to take full advantage of clean energy.

  1. Offshore Wind for America

According to this report, offshore wind is critical to powering our society with 100% renewable energy. In fact, offshore wind could power our 2019 electricity needs almost twice over. 

  1. Electric Buildings

Electric Buildings documents the benefits of electrifying the majority of buildings in America for consumers and the environment. It finds that replacing fossil fuel technology with electric options in the majority of American homes and businesses over the next 30 years could reduce so much net carbon emissions that it would be the equivalent of taking 65 million cars.

We hope you enjoy these reports as much as we have over the past year, and we can’t wait to bring you more clean energy content in 2022. 


Brynn Furey

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