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Six Flags Magic Mountain going solar

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles breaks ground on solar-canopied parking lot, becoming the third Six Flags site to go solar.

Solar power

Jeremy Thompson | CC-BY-2.0

The Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Los Angeles has broken ground on a 637,000-sq.ft. solar-carport that some estimate will be the largest single-site commercial solar energy project in California.

The solar panels covering the amusement park’s parking lot are expected to produce more than 12 MW of electricity, enough to meet 100% of the energy demands of the park. As part of the project, Six Flags Magic Mountain also plans to install 30 electric vehicle charging stations in parking spaces and an on-site energy storage system.

“It’s so great to see the Thrill Capital of the World bring more clean energy to Los Angeles,” said Steven King, clean energy advocate with Environment California Research & Policy Center. “Putting solar panels over already developed space just makes sense. The solar array shades the cars, and produces clean energy without impacting valuable open space. Every parking lot without solar panels represents a missed opportunity to harness the free and abundant sunshine to power more our lives with clean renewable energy.”

Environment California Research & Policy Center and our national federation is urging companies with large solar opportunities to use them. You can join the call to urge Walmart, which has more rooftop solar potential than any other retailer in America, to go solar here.

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Solar power

Ask Walmart to go solar

Tell Walmart to bring the benefits of cleaner air, less pollution and greater resilience to our communities by committing to go solar.

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