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The Flat Country project is off the table for now, what’s next?

The Forest Service has withdrawn an Oregon logging project that targeted mature and old-growth trees. But there are still more than 20 such projects planned across the country.


Oregon Wild | Used by permission

The U.S. Forest Service withdrew the Willamette National Forest January 2021 Record of Decision for the Flat Country Project on the McKenzie River Ranger District, essentially stopping a pending logging project. The deision is a reprieve for approximately 4,500 acres of forest on federally-managed public lands, including over 2,200 acres of mature (80-120 year old) and old-growth (120+ year old) forest.

Environment America and Environment Oregon joined Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands and more than one hundred organizations to send a letter thanking the Biden Administration for this action.

While these trees are safe for now, the Forest Service can do more. We urge the Forest Service to implement President Biden’s executive order to conserve mature and old-growth forests by instituting a strong and enduring rule for protecting mature and old-growth trees and forests from logging.

Tell The Home Depot: Preserve the boreal forest

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Tell The Home Depot: Preserve the boreal forest

The Canadian boreal forest is the largest remaining primary forest on the planet. It stores 300 billion tons of carbon, provides habitat for threatened boreal caribou, billions of birds and a multitude of other species.


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