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Go Solar in Cobb County!

This week Environment Georgia and our allies launched the first ever solarize campaign for Cobb Co.

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Solar on a home in Dunwoody, GA
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Solar on a home in Dunwoody was installed by Solarize Decatur-DeKalb.

This week Environment Georgia and our allies launched the first ever solarize campaign for Cobb Co. at Glover Park Brewery in Marietta, GA. A crowd of roughly 100 were joined by Sen. Ed Setzler and Rep. Mary Frances Williams, two clean energy champs at the Georgia General Assembly.

As a reminder solarize campaigns are short (6 months or so) pushes to get as many people to go solar in one community at once. This concentrated effort helps get a good price, vetted system materials, and inspire people to make the investment NOW as opposed to whenever they might have gotten around to it on their own. Reminder: The Inflation Reduction Act renewed a 30% tax credit for solar installations!

From a personal perspective I love these campaigns because reaching out to a contractor, setting up appointments and getting multiple quotes before making a decision on anything from gutter cleaning to house painting is one of my least favorite things.

From a professional standpoint, solarize campaigns have kept a struggling rooftop solar market alive

in Georgia. The Solar Energy Industry Association has consistently ranked Georgia in the top 10 for installed solar capacity BUT we rank much lower (think last ten) for rooftop solar. That’s because a lot of our solar is sited on fields in south Georgia. Solar on rooftops, generated where it is used, is smart and efficient. Long story short–we need to do more of it in Georgia. You can learn more about this concept in the report we authored on solar on warehouse rooftops here.

If you are in Cobb County and interested in signing up for Solarize Cobb (you get a free solar evaluation no matter what) visit the website here. If you happen to live in Gwinnett Co. Environment Georgia and our partners have a solarize campaign already underway that you can participate in here!


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