New radio ad campaign urges U.S. Senators from Arizona to support the clean car standards

Media Contacts
Morgan Folger

Former Director, Destination: Zero Carbon, Environment America

Environment America

PHOENIX – Today, the national nonprofit group Environment America launched a radio advertisement campaign in Arizona asking U.S. Sens. Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema to support federal clean car standards that the Trump administration has proposed rolling back. The clean car standards have helped cut pollution from vehicles by about 90 percent since 1998, but tailpipe emissions still cause both ongoing climate threats and daily health dangers. The Phoenix area, home to about 4.8 million people, suffered through 153 days of poor air quality due to air pollution in 2018. 

“Arizona and all 49 other states need their senators to ensure that Americans have clean air to breathe,” said Morgan Folger, clean cars campaign director with Environment America. “The federal government’s attempt to roll back the clean car standards threatens our health and our climate.  Given transportation’s outsized role in global warming, we need Sens. McSally and Sinema to champion a transition away from fossil fuels and toward electric cars, buses and transit.” 

Even though transportation is the largest source of climate-changing  pollution in the United States, and the biggest contributor in Arizona, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are working to roll back the clean car standards and halt our progress. Arizona’s Sens. McSally and Sinema need to stand up to this assault on clean air and clean cars.

“The clean car standards are the best policy we have on the books to reduce air pollution and fight climate change,” said Folger. “No one should have to experience polluted air even one day a year — let alone 153.” 

The ads will run on Arizona radio stations until March 17.