Send a message to FedEx: Go Solar

Add a “Go Solar” sticker to your next FedEx package to call on the shipping leader to go solar on its warehouse rooftops

Clean energy

Steven King | Used by permission

Solar on warehouses

Putting solar panels on warehouse rooftops has the potential to produce enough clean energy to power almost 20 million homes. Companies with lots of warehouses, such as shipping leader FedEx, should play a crucial role in helping realize America’s immense rooftop solar potential. 

Why FedEx?

FedEx has more than 5,000 facilities including 10 large U.S. sorting & handling facilities with more than 10 million combined square feet of space and 680 FedEx Ground facilities with a combined area of more than 112 million square feet. And although FedEx has set a goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2040, the company has not made any public plans to put solar panels on the roofs of their many facilities. 

We think FedEx should seize every opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint, including committing to and installing on-site renewable energy generators. That’s why we’re calling on FedEx to publicly commit to a goal of installing solar on all viable warehouse roofs and parking lots by 2035, and require or incentivize companies they do business with to make rooftop solar commitments as well. And you can help.

How you can help

Next time you send a package or envelope with FedEx, you can take a quick and easy action to encourage them to go solar on their warehouses and facilities. Simply add a “Go Solar” sticker to your package and send it through FedEx as you normally would. To make your action go even further, take a picture of your package with the sticker and post it on social media. Follow these instructions below:

How to request and use your “Go Solar” sticker

  1. Request your “Go Solar” stickers here and we’ll send them to you in the mail!
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2. Once your sticker arrives, affix your sticker to your envelope or package

Steven King | TPIN

3. Take a picture of your FedEx package with the sticker and email it to us at johanna@environmentamerica DOT org. Feel free to include yourself in the picture!

Steven King | Used by permission

4. Post on social media with your personal message asking FedEx to go solar on their warehouses and facilities. Be sure to tag @FedEx and @EnvAm and include the hashtag #FedExGoSolar

Johanna Neumann | Used by permission

Johanna Neumann

Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Environment America Research & Policy Center

Johanna directs strategy and staff for Environment America's energy campaigns at the local, state and national level. In her prior positions, she led the campaign to ban smoking in all Maryland workplaces, helped stop the construction of a new nuclear reactor on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and helped build the support necessary to pass the EmPOWER Maryland Act, which set a goal of reducing the state’s per capita electricity use by 15 percent. She also currently serves on the board of Community Action Works. Johanna lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, with her family, where she enjoys growing dahlias, biking and the occasional game of goaltimate. 

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