Going solar in Oregon

Have you considered putting solar on your home? Here are some resources to help!

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Madley Overstreet

Summer intern

Over 18,000 Oregon homeowners are currently making their own low-cost clean energy with rooftop solar. Running your home on solar power can drastically reduce your overall environmental impact and save you money on utility bills.

The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits for homeowners who are interested in investing in solar technology, and along with our state solar incentives, the savings can really add up.

Here are five simple steps to access these tax credits and run your home on the power of the sun:

Establish your eligibility – All Oregonians are eligible for an Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) federal tax credit accounting for up to 30% of total system costs. Both homeowner and contractor solar systems qualify if a certified technician verifies the installation. If you are an Oregon customer of Portland General Electric or Pacific Power and work with an Oregon Department of Energy-approved solar contractor, you can also qualify for utility incentives through the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program. You can determine your eligibility and access a list of approved contractors on the program’s website. 

Get bids from at least three contractors – If you want to work with a solar contractor, you should look into multiple options and compare bids to make the best choice for your home. You can go through EnergySage ​​and explore their extensive network of over 400 pre-screened, high-quality solar installers. A more local option is the Energy Trust of Oregon; you can fill out a questionnaire through them, and they will set you up with potential contractors based on your interests.  

Select Contractor – Interviewing and select your contractor carefully. Energy Trust of Oregon offers a step-by-step guide to choosing the right solar contractor. 

Get solar panels installed – Install and verify your new home solar energy system. Visit the Portland Government website on solar inspections to learn more about how you can get your system verified. If you are working with an approved contractor, no inspection is needed. The contractor must submit a reservation application before solar system installation for you to be eligible for tax credits.   

Claim your benefits – You can claim your residential clean energy tax credit by filling out the required forms on the IRS website. Rebates are paid to the contractor who installs the solar panels. This amount will be taken out of the total cost of your system. 

Good luck on your solar journey!


Madley Overstreet

Summer intern

Madley is Environment Oregon’s summer intern working on our Clean Energy Homes campaign. She is a rising senior at Lewis & Clark College studying Environmental Studies & Hispanic Studies.

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