Right to Repair

Right to Repair advances in the Oregon legislature

Right to Repair (Senate Bill 542) advanced out of a key committee on Tuesday with a vote of 3-2.

Fair Phone 4+ is part of the new wave of repairable phones.
Fairphone | Used by permission
Fair Phone 4+ is part of the new wave of repairable phones.

The Senate Commitee on Energy & Environment passed Right to Repair  (Senate Bill 542) on Tuesday.

We rely on our cellphones and computers to work, learn, stay connected and more. When our device breaks, we need to be able to fix it for a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, manufacturer restrictions on access to parts, tools, and information make it more difficult for consumers and independent repair shops to fix these devices. As a result, we end up paying more and waiting longer for repairs, or just tossing otherwise-fixable devices in favor of newer models.

Environment Oregon supports Senate Bill 542, which would make it easier for Oregonians to fix our own personal electronic devices and some household appliances by expanding access to the manufacturers’ parts, tools, and diagnostic information needed to make repairs.

The bill now heads to the Senate floor for consideration.

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