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There’s waves of support in Salem for our marine reserves

Over two dozen groups weighed in on a bill that would benefit our nearshore ecosystems.


The rocky coast of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

This week, Environment Oregon submitted testimony as well as a letter to Oregon legislators on behalf of over two dozen groups, comprised of community organizations, local businesses and conservation nonprofits, in favor of House Bill 4132 (HB4132). If passed, HB4132 would provide additional funding to Oregon’s Marine Reserves Program and create a process for more community engagement and outreach as well as adaptive management.

The waves of support that HB4132 has are overwhelming and show that Oregonians care about our marine reserves and the ocean ecosystems we have. More funding would allow the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the stewards of the reserves, the ability to better monitor our coastal environments and to adapt them to ever-changing ocean conditions.

Ian Giancarlo, Environment Oregon’s ocean advocate, said the following in his testimony:

Our letter and the voices they represent, make it clear there’s big waves of support for our nearshore ecosystems and the seals, octopuses, seabirds and hundreds of other species who live in them. HB4132 would benefit them, and all of us, and it should be passed swiftly.”

The bill passed through the House Committee on Agriculture, Land Use, Natural Resources, and Water – its first legislative hurdle – and is on to the Ways and Means Committee sometime next week, but will need continuous support throughout the month-long legislative session. Join us in calling on our legislators to pass HB4132 swiftly.

You can read more about the bill and its progress here.


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