Letter from Doctors, nurses weigh in: federal budget threatens our health

We, the undersigned professionals dedicated to safeguarding and improving public health, write to urge you to stand against any attempts to cut funding for health and environmental protection. We also urge you to oppose any legislative attacks on protections for our air, land, water and climate that would threaten our health.


Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar Toolkit: Part Eight

Cities should work with the electric utilities serving their areas – whether municipal or investor-owned – as partners in unlocking the potential of solar energy. Since utilities manage energy supply and have existing relationships with customers in their service area, their full cooperation in a solar effort can be hugely beneficial.


Clean Power Plan lawsuit amicus brief

Climate change poses an imminent threat to the preservation of historic places around the country. The core idea behind historic preservation is that preserving places from our collective past enriches our present-day lives. We serve as stewards for historic places not only for their own sake, but for ourselves and for the benefit of future generations of Americans. 1 Failing to act on climate change will result in irreplaceable losses to these historic resources. EPA’s failure to meaningfully act on climate change through the repeal of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) and promulgation of the lessprotective Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule therefore threatens America’s cultural heritage by putting its historic places at greater risk.