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We’re on the road to an electric future — and you can help drive us there.

It’s a hard truth: We simply can’t solve global warming without changing how we all get around. Transportation is now America’s No. 1 source of global warming pollution, and cars account for 60% of our transportation pollution.

The good news is that we have never been closer to an electric vehicle future than we are right now — a future where our kids ride electric buses to school, our mail and packages arrive in electric trucks, and every new car that is sold gets plugged in at night. Together, we can protect our climate by accelerating the transition to an electric vehicle future.

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In Pursuit of Future Earth Days

Global warming solutions

In Pursuit of Future Earth Days

This Earth Day, more than one billion people around the world will unite to celebrate the beauty of our world and continue to advocate for its protection. From climate change to plastic pollution, our natural spaces and species are at risk of great harm. Despite the abundance of “doom-and-gloom narratives,” we must remember that it is not too late to save our planet. We still have time to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

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In the past 10 years, electric vehicle sales have grown 10-fold in the U.S.

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Charged up for an electric vehicle future

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New electric vehicle toolkit for California’s local governments shows how to act locally on cleaning up transportation

Clean air

New electric vehicle toolkit for California’s local governments shows how to act locally on cleaning up transportation

Sacramento, CA -- As leaders from across the globe meet at the United Nations’ COP26 conference on climate change this week, Environment California Research & Policy Center, CalPIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group are releasing a new report that shows how local governments in California can pave the way for cleaner transportation through tools and policies that support the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). With transportation being the number one source of global warming emissions in the United States and in California, transitioning to EVs must be a key part of any plan to reduce climate pollution and this toolkit offers a roadmap to reaching that goal. 

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State Director, Environment California Research & Policy Center