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Baby whale season is upon us: Right whale calf has been spotted off of South Carolina

It's the most wonderful time of year for the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale--calving season


Right whale mother and calf swimming
NOAA | Public Domain
A right whale calf and mother, spotted in 2017.

Every winter, Right whale mothers travel south to the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina to give birth–and every winter avid whale watchers, scientists and managers scour the waters for the sight of a new baby.

They’ve already spotted this year’s first calf off the coast of South Carolina, born to a Right whale mom named Juno. For the critically endangered species, every new birth is a cause for celebration. With only 350 North Atlantic Right whales–and fewer than 100 females in reproductive age–the species needs a baby boom to thrive.

Here’s hoping Juno’s calf is only the first of many whale babies spotted in the coming months!

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