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Clean water to drink and clean air to breathe; healthy lakes, rivers and forests; sources of energy that don’t pollute and never run out — all this should be the heritage we leave to future generations.

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Briefing: We don’t need deep sea mining


Briefing: We don’t need deep sea mining

Hear experts discuss the damage deep sea mining could do in our ocean, why it's not the answer to our critical mineral needs and some of the alternatives at our fingertips.


Accidents waiting to happen: Industrial toxic chemicals
The Freedom Industries plant in West Virginia, site of a major 2014 chemical spill into the Elk River

Clean water

Accidents waiting to happen: Industrial toxic chemicals

Across the United States, thousands of facilities use or store chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. Many of these facilities are located along waterways, where leaks or spills pose a risk of catastrophic damage.


Environment Texas Research and Policy Center has grown into a dynamic force for environmental changes by advocating for sustainable solutions on land, air, water, and wildlife throughout the state. Ann Hamilton, Senior Grant Officer (retired), Houston Endowment Inc.
“Even though we’re an old church - the oldest church in Austin - we’re still contemporary and still trying to help the environment in lots of ways.” Jim Lamm, Parish Administrator - St. David's Episcopal Church
It took our home...and it stole our nature Suzanne Franklin, Permian Basin Resident
If we're not looking to the future, even for our own children or grandchildren, then what do we have left today? Christa Mancias and Frankie Orona, Activists
What we need is enforcement of the existing rules Sarah Stogner , Attorney