No more dirty skies: 6,000 Pittsburgh-area residents call for clean air

Far too often and for too long, the Pittsburgh area has received failing grades on air quality. Residents are ready for improvement.

On July 16, PennEnvironment staff and members delivered a petition signed by 6,000 area residents to the Allegheny County Council. The petition calls on the council to work with the Allegheny County Health Department to set health-based limits on dangerous emissions from major air polluters.

“As someone living with asthma, every day a small part of my brain has to worry about whether or not I’m going to be able to breathe,” said PennEnvironment’s Pittsburgh Canvass Director Sarah Starman. “No one should have to worry about their next breath. The County Council needs to make sure that the health department is focused on cleaning up our dirty air.”

PennEnvironment canvassers spoke with more than 16,000 Pittsburghers this summer, raising awareness about the region’s air pollution and other environmental concerns.

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Photo: PennEnvironment’s Pittsburgh Canvass Director Sarah Starman (right) delivers the petition to environmental champion Council Member Anita Prizio (center). Credit: Staff