PennEnvironment joins youth activists for international Climate Strike

As young climate activists such as Greta Thunberg organized the global climate strike last month, PennEnvironment staff and volunteers participated in the events taking place in Pennsylvania. 

All told, coordinated global climate strike activities took place at 2,500 sites in 137 countries. With 500 organizations and 1000+ companies supporting these activities, people around the world walked out of their workplaces, homes and schools to demand that leaders act now to restore our once healthy climate.

But climate strikers weren’t just young activists calling on political action to address climate change: concerned citizens of all ages and all walks of life joined in the effort, as highlighted in a news story mentioning PennEnvironment’s role in the day’s activities. 

“It was incredibly inspiring to stand at Philadelphia City Hall at an event organized by mostly high schoolers and attended by hundreds of people of all ages, all calling for one thing: climate action,” said Kelly Flanigan, Global Warming Solutions campaign associate for PennEnvironment. “But despite all of these voices calling out in unison, our legislators still aren’t heeding their call. It’s time for our legislators at all levels of government to take bold climate action before it’s too late.”

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Photo: PennEnvironment staff and interns take part in the global climate strike outside of City Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Credit: Staff.