Expo to Showcase Local Solutions to Global Climate Change Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Carbon Fee & Dividend, and Community Organizing

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New Hope, PA – At a local Climate Solutions Expo in New Hope, local family-owned solar company Exact Solar presented a vision of Bucks county powered by solar panels.  Citizens from across the county heard from a wide range of presenters on how they can tackle climate change, despite federal efforts to undermine clean energy and environmental protections by the Trump Administration.  

At the event, organizer Audrey Beedle spoke about PennEnvironment’s Climate Defenders campaign and bill in the PA state legislature to shift the state to 100% renewable energy by 2050.  Beedle left the audience with some hopeful words, “I hope you are all leaving not only with a little more optimism that we can shift the path that we’re headed on toward a more sustainable and regenerative future, but that you actually have a better understanding behind some of the tangible solutions and possibilities we have at our fingertips here in our own community.”

After the 40 community members heard some local climate solutions, attendees participated in several campaign action stations and toured the Audubon Society Nature Center to reconnect with a part of beautiful Bucks County that we’re all coming together working to protect. See attached pictures from the event. To schedule an interview after the event, or for more information about the Expo, contact Audrey Beedle at 402-560-4493 or [email protected].


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