PennEnvironment Announces Endorsements for Spring 2018 Primary Elections

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[Philadelphia, PA] — Today PennEnvironment announced its slate of environmental endorsements for Pennsylvania’s spring 2018 primary election, including endorsements for U.S. House of Representatives, state House and state Senate.  
“While voters are barraged with mailers and campaign advertisements in election season, PennEnvironment’s endorsements are meant to serve as a tool to help Pennsylvanians know how to cast the best environmental vote when they go to the ballot,” stated PennEnvironment Executive Director, David Masur. “We believe that these endorsements in critical races across the Commonwealth will help voters know which candidates are truly the cream of the crop when it comes to protect our environment and public health on Election Day.” 
“These environmental champions will help safeguard our environment for all Pennsylvanians,” Masur noted. “PennEnvironment’s endorsements will help voters know who will which candidates will lead the transition to 100% renewable energy, work to solve climate change, stand up to the frackers and their lobbyists, and protect Pennsylvania’s great outdoors.”
PennEnvironment is announcing the following federal congressional endorsements:
● Brendan Boyle (2nd Congressional District, Philadelphia)
● Matt Cartwright (8th Congressional District, Scranton and northeastern PA)
● Mike Doyle (18th Congressional District, Allegheny County)
● Dwight Evans (3rd Congressional District, Philadelphia & Montgomery County)
PennEnvironment also announced the following General Assembly endorsements:
Allegheny County 
House Dist. 21:Sara Innamorato, challenger
House Dist. 34: Summer Lee, challenger
Bucks County
House Dist. 178: Helen Tai, special election
Lackawanna County
House Dist. 112: Kyle Mullins, open seat
Montgomery County
Senate Dist. 4: Art Haywood, incumbent
House Dist. 184: Elizabeth Fiedler, open 
House Dist. 175: Mike O’Brien, incumbent
House Dist. 200: Chris Rabb, incumbent
House Dist. 188: Jim Roebuck, incumbent
House Dist. 182: Brian Sims, incumbent
PennEnvironment is informing its more than 130,000 supporters and the general public about the endorsements and candidates’ positions, and is urging voters to support their endorsed candidates on the May 15th ballot.
“Poll after poll shows that Pennsylvanians care deeply about protecting the state’s environment and public health—and they expect the same from their elected officials,” remarked Masur.  
“At PennEnvironment, we know that we’ll never be able to compete with the deep pockets of the polluters, who have high-powered lobby firms, make millions in campaign contributions and run glitzy ad campaigns,” noted Masur. “So while we can’t go dollar-for-dollar with the polluters, we know we can go vote-for-vote with them because Pennsylvanians from all walks of life want clean air, clean water and to protect the natural heritage of the Commonwealth.”